Description of the project

Description of the firm:

Agrasys is an agricultural biotechnology company that uses genetic improvement techniques and biotechnology to develop new crop varieties with high added value.

Tritordeum is the first product developed by Agrasys, a new natural cereal born from the combination of hard wheat (Triticum durum) and a wild barley (Hordeum chilense) from Chile and Argentina. It is the first newly created cereal sold in the world for human consumption. Tritordeum is suitable for a wide range of cereal products thanks to its qualities and features, which are not found in other cereals.


Barcelona Scientific Park
C/ Baldiri i Reixac 10-12 08028 Barcelona, Spain



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UIAS- CSIC Córdoba
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Uninvest (Madrid)

Parque Científico de Madrid
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Uninvest (Galicia)

Edificio EMPRENDIA, Campus Vida
15782 – Santiago de Compostela
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