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Descripción del Proyecto

Descripción de la empresa

Nanotechnology company, created in 2006 by a group of researchers from the Laboratory of Magnetism and Nanotechnology at the University of Santiago de Compostela. Nanogap is dedicated to the development and production of nanoparticles and clusters with antimicrobial, conducting, fluorescent, magnetic and catalytic properties that turn them into additives with application in the industrial field such as electronics, security, energy and health.

The company has a production technology based on wet chemistry process that allows it to control the main parameters of production and optimization of the characteristics of its products. Thus, Nanogap is able to control the produced particles size and their physical and chemical properties, being the only company in the world capable of stably produce particles of less than nm (cluster) size at an industrial level.


Novo Milladoiro Industrial Park
C/ Xesta, no78-A2 15895 Milladoiro, A Coruña


981 523 897

Vinculación universitaria/Académica:

University of Santiago de Compostela
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