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UNINVEST is a manager of venture capital companies specializing in technology transfer. The management team Uninvest, has over 14 years experience in managing technology transfer funds in Spain.

The track record acquired through management Unirisco and I+D Unifondo, positions us as the team with more experience and track record in investments emerged through processes of technology transfer, having completed the investment cycle in 47 companies and divestment in 35 companies.

We believe in applied science and technology transfer as a means of value creation and transformation of the Spanish production model, through the generation of companies with high growth potential.
Ambition: we look for ambitious entrepreneurs capable of transforming research results into companies high growth potential and global market.
Proximity: we work with our investee companies to jointly build a business project of great value.
With our experience and expertise we help our portfolio in: Leadership and strategic development; Management: business development, financial, legal; Development of alliances and international expansion.
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Uninvest (Madrid)

Parque Científico de Madrid
28049 – Canto Blanco (Madrid)
Tel +34 881 815 550

Uninvest (Galicia)

Edificio EMPRENDIA, Campus Vida
15782 – Santiago de Compostela
Tel +34 881 815 550

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